Misión y Visión

a)            NUESTRA MISIÓN.

Desde 1877, the Congregation of Esclavas del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús promueve, como misión recibida de la Iglesia, una educación evangelizadora. El carisma reparador hace que. It repaired carisma do that the education proposal of our Centres try to colaborate in the reconstruction of the broke world.


 Accompany the growth process of children and young people, offering comprehensive education:


    • Based on values that flow from the Eucharist.
    • In critical dialogue with reality, open to pluralism and to the changing times, from a Christian perspective.
    • That provides a friendly vision of the world and of human relationships.
    •  What do people constructing peace and reconciliation, able to work for justice and solidarity.
    •  Seeking a commitment to Jesus Christ and his Kingdom. 


This proposal requires that in our schools there is an educational and pastoral community that is both subject and education environment.


b)            OUR VISION.

We want to be a center that:


    •  Form committed Christians who integrate faith and life.
    • Prepare people to put their values and qualities in the service of others.
    • Provide quality academic training.
    • Provide personal attention, especially students with special educational needs.
    • Put the student in contact with reality, enabling it to function independently and responsible in life.
    • Encourage active participation and co-responsibility of the entire school community.
    • Take care of human relations among all members of the educational community.
    • Manage efficiently and project human and material resources of the Center.
    • Ensure personal and professional development of all employees of the Center.
    • Put the technological advances in the service of education.

We want to be perceived as an Educational:


    •  With capacity to listen and dialogue.
    • Dynamic and enthusiastic, engaged and participatory .
    • Eager to learn and improve. Creative.
    • It provides equal treatment and close.
    • Of responsible and stewards.
    • Attentive and dedicated to our students.